Hi. My name is Lasse Hassing. I am a software developer. In 2016 I founded the company High Cadence where I make games and do web/app consulting.

I’ve been programming since the mid 90's when, as a kid, I found QBasic and Gorillas.bas in MS-DOS.

These days I mostly do game and web development in C/C++ and PHP/Laravel. I also have a lot of experience in Python, Objective C, and Java plus experience in Ruby, C#, Swift, and Go.

You can see what I'm working on and have worked on in the past in the projects section.

On the Web


  • High Cadence, 2016-Now: Game, app, and web development in Objective C, Java, C++, and PHP.
  • ZenRockers I/S, 2010-Now: Web development in PHP (custom and Laravel) and Python (Pylons and Django). iPhone and Android app development in Swift, Java, and Objective C.
  • Freelance, 2009-2010: Web-app development in Python (Pylons and Web.py).
  • PageDesign ApS, 2008-2009: Webshop and CMS development in PHP.
  • Freeway ApS, 2007-2008: Webshop development in ASP.net (C#).