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C / C++

2019‑06‑21: nicspeed.c
Get IP, mac, and speed for ethernet devices on bsd/macos machine.
2015‑03‑08: pickcards.c
Pick random cards from an expanding set of card decks.


2017‑10‑14: slotmachine.js (online demo)
A simple slotmachine in JS using the PIXI gramework.
2015‑01‑02: pokersnake.js (online demo)
The JS prototype that eventually became PokerSnake for iPhone.
2013-12-31: fireworks.coffee (online demo)
Simple fireworks animation in JS/Coffeescript.
2013‑08‑20: skydrop.coffee (online demo)
Playing with JS canvas animation and procedurally generated graphics.
2008‑06‑13: asteroids.js (online demo)
The classic asteroids game in Javascript.