Update 11 Mar 2014: Added a Windows version.

Finished my OpenGL experiment today. There are some issues like light going though walls and not casting shadows - but it works.

Drawing text was surprisingly hard. Most solution require huge dependencies like FreeType or are written for the old glBegin/glEnd methods. I ended up using CBFG to export the font to a spritemap, stb_image to load it to texture, and some custom rendering code. Font is from 04.

Other libraries and references used:

  • GLFW: Context creation, keyboard input.
  • GLEW: Keeping OpenGL sane.
  • GLM: Matrix/vector math.
  • Open.gl: Best, modern intro to OpenGL.

Snake3D screenshots

Download for Mac (Maverics or later). Or Windows 8 (requires 32bit / x86 Visual C++ 2013 Runtime). May release source (pending cleanup) later.