I am currently working on a small 3D engine to learn the basics of 3D. The goal is to make a simple game with animations, lighting, etc. using only small helpers libraries like stb_image and glm.

Completed Projects

  • Games (C/C++, OpenGL, Objective C, SpriteKit, Java, Javascript)
  • Apps (Objective C, Java)
  • Web (Python, Django, Pylons, PHP, Laravel, Phalcon)
  • Design & Graphics (Affinity Designer, Illustrator, Photoshop)




By far the biggest game I've made. Custom C++, OpenGL based, game engine with level editor. The original game was written for macOS for easy level testing and then later converter to iPhone. The final games features 156 levels (designed by Jeppe Drivsholm) and two special "infinity" modes. All in a retro crt/pixelart graphics style.

Read more about the development or try the game.


Game experiments

I've also written a lot of small games over the years. A 3D variant of the classic snake game. Written back in 2014 when I was first learning the basics of OpenGL. More details and Win/Mac version available here.

SkyRockers, a small game made while learning the basics of SpriteKit. Graphics by William Engbjerg. Try the game on the App Store.

Idoru was a small Java-applet game I write back in 2007 and converted to iPhone in 2010 when first learning about iOS development. No longer available but there's a screenshot here.

In the "gambling theme" I also wrote a simple slot machine in PixiJS and a blackjack game in Java.

Other small games include asteroids in javascript, a weird alien freekick game where you play the goal keeper, and PazMan: a small puzzle game. The last two still run on Windows 10 despite being written in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

Finally some small JS graphics and AI demos: Fireworks, SkyDrop animation, Path finding and Game of Life.


App development


App for building owners, janitors, and renters to manage repair cases, events, and general communication. Includes case-system, multi-user chat, calendar, and bulletin-board. Written in Java for Android and Objective C for iOS. Made for both Android and iOS as a consultant for

Dog Parks / Lost Dogs

Android and iOS apps made as part of a community site for dog owners.

  1. A dog park app for finding and reviewing nearby dog parks.
  2. Lost Dog app that let users report their pet lost and alert nearby app owners to keep an eye out.

Repair shop finder and review app. Pick the item you need repaired (phone, car, dryer, etc) and get a list of nearby repair shops and feedback from other users. Made for as a consultant.

Nuuk City Map

A offline map for Nuuk in Greenland with locations of local shops, sights, etc. Written in Objective C (iOS) and Java (Android) using data from the OpenStreetMaps project. Made for the Sermersooq Business Council in 2013.

And more ...

Other apps include a Sightseeing app for the Sol og Strand vacation house rentals, travel catalogs for Skiing and holiday home agencies, and a app to help danish students find a school to attend.


Web projects


An alternative booking site where you pick which demands you have for your hotelroom and receive offers direkte from the hotels that match your requirements. Made in PHP/Laravel with features like multi-user levels (visitors, hotels, admins), language system, cms, booking, advanced search, location based limitations, sms notificiations, etc.
Written as a consultant for SecretHotelGuide.


A financial site with quizzes, forum, and complete budget system. Python/Django project written as a consultant.

Booking Systems

I've worked on multiple vacation house rental websites. Some with build-in booking system like Bilbergs-feriehuse and Rømø Sommerhusudlejning. Others that integrate with external booking system like Skaven Strand. The sites include template based CMS, search, and last-minute offers. All the booking sites are based on a Python/Pylons system originally written in 2010.


Two-player Rock-Paper-Scissors game that was originally written as a small demo to learn Python in 2008. Made in the framework. Updated in 2009 with user system and rankings. In 2017 I rewrote the site in PHP/Phalcon and added the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock variant.
Since its launch in 2008 more than 160,000 games have been played on the site. Try it at


Website for managing stakes between poker players. With user connections, play sessions, payments, SMS/iPhone notifications, facebook login, multiple currencies, and VIP memberships. Written in Python as a consultant.


A bankroll management website for tracking both online and offline poker results. Charts, statistics, currencies, etc. Made in python in 2009. Still online but not updated for a long time.

And so on ...

Over the last 10 years I've also worked on a large number of other websites: (blog, webshop, videos), (webshop), (cms), (auctions), (sale/trade site), (webshop, digital magazines), Henrik Ørsnes Christmas Calendar (quiz, newsletter), / (forum, cms, bulletin board, subscriptions), and many more.

Design & Graphics


Poker Chip Design

Poker chips and plaques for a private poker club. Made in Affinity Designer and samples rendered in Cheetah 3D.

Logo Designs

Designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Game Graphics


Made in Adobe Photoshop.