Utility · OS X, 2015

Bugify Notifications

Small desktop notications app for the Bugify bug tracker. Download here.

Snake 3D

Game · OS X / Windows, 2014

Snake 3D

3D Snake game in OpenGL. Wrote this as an experiment while learning modern OpenGL development. Available for OS X and Windows. Downloads available.

Utility · iPhone, 2014

iPhone application made for Finds local repair shops based on your needs and locations. No longer available.


Community · Web & Smartphone, 2012-2014


Danish online community for dog lovers. Includes videos, news, photo galleries, games, and an overview of dog parks in Denmark.

The dog park section also includes an iPhone and Android app. to show nearby places and easily share comments and photos to the website.

In late 2013 we launched a "lost dog" service to help dog owners when their dog runs away. The service is available on the website and as an iPhone and Android app.

Expanded with Pethelp and Doglife.TV in 2014. Pethelp contains classifieds and a lost pets service of all kinds of pets. Doglife.TV is an english language site with funny and interesting dog videos.


Experiments / hacking

HTML/JS: Fireworks (HTML5 canvas), SkyDrop (HTML5 canvas), and platformer demo (Cocos2D-JS).

A few AI experiments using CoffeeScript. Done while following Path finding and Game of Life. Source at BitBucket.

Clone of Asteroids in javascript. Fully playable but has performance problems. Play (includes source code link).

City Mapping

Map · Smartphone, 2013

City Mapping

Smartphone app develop for the Sermersooq municipality in Greenland. An offline map with interesting locations for the cities of Nuuk and Paamiut. Available for iPhone and Android.


Poker Tool · Web & iPhone, 2012


Website for managing stakes between poker players. Handles user connections, play sessions, payments, SMS/iPhone notifications, and VIP memberships.


Community / Budget · Web, 2011


Financial community website with forum, quizzes, bank ratings, and personal budget system.


Game · iPhone, 2010


Idoru is a small, free game where the goal is place blocks in clusters of the same color. Just aim and fire!

The more connected blocks of the same color - the more points you get. 6 points for 3 blocks (1+2+3), 10 points for 4 blocks (1+2+3+4), 15 points for 5 blocks (1+2+3+4+5), etc.

A round can be completed in a few minutes and the game ends when the blocks reach the game border. Available in the AppStore.

Vacation house system

CMS / Booking · Web, 2010

Vacation booking

CMS and booking system for vacation house rental companies. Includes ability to search for house based on facilities/availabilty and support for other booking APIs. Used by Skaven Strand, Bilbergs, Rømø Family Camping, and many others.


Poker Tool · Web, 2009


A bankroll management website for tracking both online and offline poker results. Latest version released in August 2009.

Game · Web, 2009

Rock, paper, scissor

Multiplayer rock, paper, scissor game website. Fully javascript based so no plugins required. Written to learn Python. Version 2.0 released in June 2009.