Personal Projects

Personal Projects


PokerSnake for PC and Mac

A poker-themed snake game with a pixel-art style. Originally written for iOS in C++ and OpenGL. Later converted to Windows and macOS with keyboard and gamepad support.
Includes 156 custom levels and 2 special modes (classic snake and infinite mode).

Available for free on


  • v1.2: Added macOS support and fixed bug that caused some level to show wrong goal text.
  • v1.1: Fixed an issue with game not rending on intel GPUs

Livewire Budget

A quick, simple budget web-app written in Laravel, Livewire, and Tailwind. Try it online here or mess around with the source code.

3D OpenGL Snake

Snake3D on Windows

An experiment while learning modern OpenGL. Made with GLFW, GLEW, and GLM. Available for MacOS and Windows. Website

Two-player Rock-Paper-Scissors game that was originally written as a small demo to learn Python in 2008. Later rewritten in Phalcon. Since its launch in 2008 more than 200,000 games have been played on the site. Try it at