I've been playing around with Swift this weekend. It's an interesting language. Not just because Apple has announced it as the future of iOS and Mac development. It feels a lot more concise and flexible than Objective C.

E.g. optionals that replace nil testing so that:

if(shop.lastOrder != nil && shop.lastOrder.customerData != nil && shop.lastOrder.customerData.user != nil) {
	NSNumber *id = shop.lastOrder.customerData.user.id;

Can be written as:

if let id = shop.lastOrder?.customerData?.user?.id {

Right now the language implementation (XCode/LLVM) is very unstable but that should be fixed soon now that Apple are getting feedback. There are also a few weird features like having both 0..3 (0,1,2) and 0...3 (0,1,2,3) which could result in hard to spot code errors.

I've been implementing a simple pathfinding demo using SpriteKit. Right now it's working so well that the AI invented teleportation.

Pathfinding in Swift

More experimentation next weekend. Hopefully with a more stable XCode beta.