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I have been programming since the late 90's - professionally since 2007. I have worked on websites (PHP, Python, C#), games (Objective C, C++), and applications for both desktop and mobile (C++, C#, Java, Objective C).
Most of my web work has been done as custom solutions but I am experienced in Laravel, Phalcon, Django, Falcon, and ASP.NET. Beside web projects I have written mobile apps for both Android and iPhone, applications for Windows and MacOS, OpenGL games, MacOS kernel extensions, and COM DLL solutions.

I've also worked on number of personal projects.


Admin By Request, 2018-Now (MacOS application, kernel extension, Windows COM)
Working for FastTrack Software I have been responsible for writing the MacOS client of Admin By Request and its included kernel extension. I've also assisted on features for the windows app (a COM LocalServer) and SAML 2.0 support for the website.
High Cadence, 2016-Now (Game development)
My personal company for releasing games and doing consulting.
ZenRockers, 2010-Now (Web and Mobile app development)
Web development in PHP (custom and Laravel) and Python (Pylons and Django). iPhone and Android app development in Swift, Java, and Objective C.
As part of ZenRockers I have worked on booking system for holiday rental sites, CMS, webshops, iPhone and Android apps, and much more. Check out the ZenRockers cases for more details.
Freelance, 2009-2010 (Python web development)
Worked on various python projects including a link sharing portal, multiplayer game, and poker related websites.
PageDesign ApS, 2008-2009 (PHP web development)
Working on various CMS and webshop solutions for clients.
Freeway ApS, 2007-2008 (ASP.NET development)
At Freeway I worked on a webshop project that eventually became Plusbog.dk.